Waterfall Micro-Wedding in South Carolina

Waterfall Micro-Wedding Elopement
Waterfall Elopement

Meisha and Ben’s micro-wedding elopement at Twin River Falls in Sunset, South Carolina was an adventure I’ll never forget! Neither is their love story. They absolutely love exploring the wilderness and hiking trails, and expressed to me from their initial inquiry that a waterfall elopement would make the perfect background and represent the essence of who they are as a couple.

Elopement in Sunset, South Carolina

Meisha originally contacted me in August this year about having an adventurous elopement in October that would prelude their postponed after-party reception next year in 2021. After I reached out to Meisha, she responded to me and said:

Groom portraits near Greenville, South Carolina

“When I found your social media a few months ago, I loved your style! Seeing some of your pictures made me feel better about making the decision to postpone the big wedding and to move forward with planning an elopement.

I showed Ben your Instagram last night and he said ‘I love it, I really hope she’s available.’ We are big believers in ‘meant to be’ and hearing that you were available for our special date made me so happy.

We are trying to figure out a location for the elopement. Something outside. We have kicked around the ideas of a waterfall or the Blue Ridge Parkway. Something with a beautiful backdrop. Any ideas you have or places you love we would love to hear about!”

Bridal portaits in Sunset, South Carolina

Originally, I was supposed to be flying back from LAX the morning of their micro-wedding date, but thanks to COVID-19, I happened to be home and available for that date since I had reserved it for traveling purposes. Needless to say, I am so thankful for Covid-19! Joke’s on you, corona.


Meisha and Ben were simply eager to be married and their October micro-wedding date they had selected just so happened to be the exact date they met a few years prior. The story is really wild!

Waterfall Elopement near Greenville, South Carolina

On October 3rd, 2017, Meisha was traveling in the Upstate and drove through a traffic light (legally) but she was surprised by another driver that had accidentally sped through their redlight, and T-boned Meisha’s car. The accident happened so quickly and an ambulance passing through that same light witnessed the accident, but were on their way to another call. The EMS quickly contacted the fire department, as is protocol if they are uncertain if anyone has been hurt or not. Simply put, firefighters are not typically the first responders for any type of motor vehicle accident… except on October 3rd, 2017.

Greenville, South Carolina micro-weddinh

If you guessed that Ben is a firefighter and that he was on the call to respond to Meisha’s accident, you would be correct. Thankfully, no one was hurt and Ben was determined to keep this panicked woman at ease. He tried to ask Meisha personal questions and move her away from her car in an attempt to calm her down, and direct her attention away from the accident.

He asked her, “Where are you from?” 

Meisha: “New Jersey…”

Ben: “Oh cool! My partner today is from New Jersey.”

Meisha: “… okay?” 

Twin River Falls Trail

Let’s fast forward a few years later and Ben’s partner, Jared, married Ben and Meisha on the anniversary of the day that they all met, thanks to a traffic light and distracted driver — maybe we should be thanking them?? — at Twin River Falls in Sunset, South Carolina.

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The trail to Twin River Falls is a very easy trek and takes only about 15 minutes. In total, Meisha and Ben had 10 guests that included Ben’s son, and immediate “family” members from both sides. At the end of the trail, there is a picnic shelter (of sorts) and it overlooks the many waterfalls located on this gorgeous trail. We held the ceremony there and used the picturesque scenery as the backdrop for their nuptials.

Destination Elopement in Greenville, South Carolina
Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement

Though we had all driven over an hour and it wasn’t too hot but it wasn’t cold either (we were still sweating), wearing nice clothing and trail benches aren’t exactly the cleanest — it simply did not matter to this group. No one was able to wipe their grin off their face — just tears.

Wedding near Blue Ridge Parkway

It was as if this entire tribe of loving individuals had known each other all their lives but everyone knew it had only been a short number of years filled with memories. It was a bit surreal — as if Ben and Meisha had known each other their entire lives.

After they said “I do,” they broke out the snacks, capri-suns, and celebratory sparkling champagne. I thought it was a nice, fun touch for a waterfall wedding!

Bride and Groom elopement photos
Adventure Elopement

Of course, we didn’t come here just to see their vows and then all go home. It was time for Meisha and Ben to venture out onto the rocks with me for their bride and groom portraits.

Micro-wedding waterfall elopement
Planning your elopement during COVID-19

WOW! None of us planned the rainbow or for it to be so windy. I secretly love wind. It’s actually one of my favorite “props.” Wind creates so much drama, motion and depth for even the simplest of sessions.

Their sweet loved ones just watched in the distance as we danced in the waterfall!

Covid-19 Wedding Elopement

The entire day was perfect. We managed to find parking and there were very few strangers visiting the falls on that gorgeous Saturday evening. The lighting was dreamy and I think we definitely made magic.

Wedding at Twin River Falls Trail

Meisha and Ben, it was an absolute pleasure and honor to be a part of this next chapter of your extraordinary love story. I look forward to future hikes with the two of you, beers and tacos, and capturing your huge, wedding party… part 2. Congratulations!!