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I found photography in 2011 - or,  I guess it found me - ironically, after losing vision in one of my eyes. I like to tell people that when I lost my physical vision I gained metaphorical vision for my future, and well, life's never been the same since. In fact, it's been much more.

Fast forward a few years after losing part of my sight, I found myself with a photography degree and decided to pursue a full-time career in professional third-wheeling, cake-eating, and "dancing like no one's watching!." Otherwise known as: photographing real, captivating love stories that last a lifetime - and beyond.

I've been living the dream shooting real love stories - the mushy, gushy, give-you-goose-bumps kind of love - for 5 years now. My favorite part of an elopement or wedding day is first and foremost the vows, then the reception. I just love to dance, laugh and enjoy the love and company of other earthlings.

Weddings are literally my life and people are my passion. That's me in a nutshell but say hello to hear more fun factoids about me!

Hey, I'm jordan!

Your south + north carolina
Wedding Photographer

Here's a snapshot into my colorful world.

The Fun Doesn't Stop There!

I’ve seen a good bit of the United States but not enough of the West Coast, and I’ve only been to a few countries. So far, my favorite places to travel to have been New York City, New Orleans, Maui, and Hatcher Pass in Alaska. 

If I could tell you one place that should be on your "must see" list before you leave this world, it'd be Alaska, hands down. Nothing compares.

I have several countries and cities on my “bucket list” and I do offer discounts to the wanderlust spirits that want to get hitched there, like Italy, Hawaii, San Francisco, and many more. Say hello to find out where I'm going next!

chichén-itzá, yucatán, mexico | august 2019


This is my little fur love, Juneau. She makes me slow down, she refined my character (a lot), and she made me appreciate the little joys in life again.

She's a derpy introvert. She hides when someone rings the doorbell. She enjoys a good toilet paper roll or plastic water bottle. She loves being held and carried (as pictured). She loves cuddles, of course.

She tries to chase/eat birds and squirrels. She also eats flowers, mulch and dirt, which I will never understand. She hates the rain AND snow. She howls when someone sings to her. She thinks her purpose in life is to outrun butterflies, bikers, and skateboarders.

She never meets a stranger and she'll always be cooler than me.

juneau and jordan | august 2019

My Fur baby

This is my best friend, Tiffany. She’s one of my biggest fans, hugest supporters of my business, and my partner in true crime. (She’s obsessed with murder podcasts so I had to throw that in there). She has wedding industry experience herself so she’s one of my best assistants, because she gets it.

She helps me wrangle dresses, style details, and she cheers me on if things get tough during a wedding day. She has planned, coordinated and designed many weddings, and her ability to turn literal trash into treasure is mind-boggling.

She has accompanied me on many of my work-related travels, trips, and adventures. We have the craziest, funniest and most wild travel stories. Just ask us sometime. 😝If I’m not with my dog or the boyfriend, I’m with my bestie. She’s my family. She’s my tribe.

tiffany and jordan
brooklyn bridge, brooklyn, new york | november 2019

My bestie

Okay, so I love coffee... a latte. There are many quirky things about me but my obsession with coffee is one of them. I’m not talking about the basic person that always has to have her latte.

I like coffee so much that I've been known to make homemade coffee dry shampoo, cold brew and coffee bath scrubs . I love locally grown or resourced coffee, and coffee companies with a cause like El Camino Coffee Company. I don’t like Starbucks at all and you won’t catch me, ever, ordering a PSL.

I exclusively drink cold coffee unless it’s snowing on my head, so that makes me pretty high maintenance year-round. Anyway, coffee is a large part of my daily life.  I’ve been to known to have a cup of water, cup of coffee, and a mimosa at breakfast... with no food in sight. 😂 I’m Jordan and that's me in a nutshell! I would love to connect with you.

definitely thinking I need a refill of coffee in this pic.

coffee.. a latte.

My Favorite Things

"We love love love her. 15/10 would recommend!
Jordan is so much fun and so talented. We hired her like 4 days before our elopement after a canceled wedding. My husband and I got married in a backyard but if you look at the photos you can barely tell.

They look like they were done in a forest. She is great at natural looking/candid photos which was right up our alley. My husband HATES pictures but admitted to having a good time during our photo session with Jordan. Highly recommend. We will definitely use her services again!"

private residence | greenville, sc

nikki + matt

"Jordan is an incredible person and an incredible photographer. She is so sweet and makes you feel so comfortable during the sessions. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer."

neverland farms | Cleveland, georgia

ashley + Mac

"Jordan is absolutely amazing! She makes your Pinterest photography dreams come true! 10 out of 10 recommend! She has an incredible eye for backgrounds and lighting! We just finished our engagement pictures with her and I am now even more excited for her to shoot our big day! You won’t go wrong with this girl!"

toccoa falls | toccoa, georgia

katherine + Luc

" I hired Jordan for my wedding this past October AND she was fantastic! I had heard of Tribbleshoot Photography by referral - and I am so happy I picked them to work at my event. Not only is Jordan very sweet, kind, personable, and friendly but she is also driven, hard working, and extremely motivated. Right when you meet her she has a way of making you feel like you are one of her closest friends! She is genuine and passionate and it shows in her work.

Unfortunately, it DOWN-POURED the day of my outdoor wedding. Jordan didn't let that phase her and used her creativity and artistic eye to get some incredible rain shots of us. I absolutely loved the way my pictures turned out and would definitely recommend the TribbleShoot team! Jordan is the BEST!"

the rustix manor | woodstock, georgia

mallory + Marshall

"Just wanted to say how INCREDIBLE Jordan did for our wedding! Jordan came in and instantly made our day easier answering any questions we had regarding photography and weddings. Honestly she is WELL worth the price she tell you! We felt like Jordan wasn’t just our photographer by the end but now part of our family! I know that my family will now only use her for any event that requires her service! Thanks again Jordan! We love you!"

the densmore farm | cleveland, ga

rowan + john

"Having Jordan photograph our wedding was a dream come true! I have followed her work from the very beginning. I had my mind made up a few years before I even got engaged, I wanted her for my wedding day.

Jordan is an amazing, sweet person and a fantastic photographer. She is so great with people, makes you feel very comfortable, and really helps you think through the process about what you really want to capture from your special day. Thank you so much TribbleShoot Photography!"

pretty place chapel | cleveland, south carolina

cait + Davis

"If you're in need of a photographer, do whatever you can to book Jordan for your event!! She has such a special talent not just with the camera but also with people. She photographed our wedding day, and made everyone all the way from the bridal party to my grandma (who hates pictures) feel comfortable and beautiful. She did a phenomenal job helping us pose to capture some must-have wedding pictures, but she also caught some of the best candids from our day.

Jordan is super professional and you can just count on her (which is especially valuable on wedding day!!). As if all of this wasn't enough, the actual work she produces is unmatched. Her photos of our wedding day are spot on to what I had envisioned and I couldn't be happier with them. I could go on and on about Tribbleshoot Photography, but the bottom line is you're not going to find a better photographer!"

mountain laurel farm | cleveland, georgia

brandi + Craig

"Jordan is awesome ! She made our wedding pictures so beautiful and made us feel so comfortable. You can tell she loves what she does! I highly recommend anyone in search of a photographer to use Tribble Shoot Photography! She will not disappoint!"

hays-mcdonald farm | Jefferson, georgia

Sierra + Charles

"Jordan doesn’t just photograph people to fit a beautiful mold, she brings out their personalities and captures their love for each other. And that is what sets her amazing pictures apart from other photographers.

Absolutely amazing photographer. She truly cares about what she does, and it shows in her work."

private residence | homer, georgia

hannah + Tyler

"Highly recommend! Jordan is easy to work with, has excellent pricing, beautiful quality. She made things work just for us on a short timeline for an intimate family wedding reception dinner. You'll be lucky to have her for any occasion!"

lake rabun hotel | clayton, georgia

lindsay + jeff

Words from my adventure buddies